MMG Mission Statement:

We provide comprehensive consulting services for homeowners seeking to evaluate their real estate equity, and help them understand and implement innovative mortgage planning solutions and equity management techniques to both create wealth and augment existing wealth. We promise to perform these services with integrity at the best market pricing and with a level of unparalleled excellence in the industry.


MMG Vision:

To be the premier provider of the loan origination for 1-4 unit residential financing through applying mortgage planning methodology. By directing real estate financing and using financial expertise, MMG will be your exclusive leverage resource for wealth augmentation.


More About MMG: Philosophies and Methodology:

These are complicated financial times. We no longer live in the simple days when companies employed us for a lifetime and we only aspired to own a house. We are not products of the Depression who feel all debt is bad debt. Now, we are all credit users. Mortgages are a large and important part of today’s investment portfolio; they are financial instruments that when managed prudently help create and augment wealth.

We work as a team, drawing on collective experience and knowledge. We manage clients’ mortgages and real estate equity, and provide opportunities that increase net worth.

The typical MMG client enjoys below-market rates through adjustable rate mortgages with access to home equity investments in other appreciating assets, such as: real estate investments, college education savings plans, universal life insurance policies and other estate planning solutions. Many consumers can’t see past the low rate of their existing 30-year-fixed and will never realize the benefit of utilizing home equity and refinancing. They focus too intently on their low rate instead of the most important issue: are they building wealth? Do they have higher rate loans or credit cards with no tax benefit? Are they letting home equity sit idle with no return on the investment of their principle, instead of accessing it to build a college savings plan or employ proper estate planning? MMG helps consumers plan for these contingencies while maximizing both tax benefits and investment potential.